PrepBytes – 100 Days to Expert Coder Program


Start your journey of transforming from an Average coder to a top-rated coder


After successfully transforming students into amazing coders. From being a non coder to top rated coders in codechef, our students did it all in very few weeks. Now its time for you to be the next amazing coder. This program is designed for studentswho want to be the top rated coders in Codechef, SPOJ, Codeforces. From clearing your concepts to solving doubts to coding live with top rated coders, you get everything in this program.


  • Basic Coding skills
  • If you are ready to work hard we are ready to make you an amazing coder

What you’ll learn


Character Arrays and Strings

Functions and OOPs(Python)

Bit Manipulation

Permutation & Combinations

Dynamic Programming

Data Structures and Algorithms

Competitive Maths