Brief introduction to Atom Editor


Brief introduction to Atom editor. Get a feeler before you switch or see what Atom offers you before getting started

What you’ll learn
  • Brief introduction to using Atom Editor
  • Installing various packages on Atom Editor
  • Creating a simple program on Atom editor and running them
  • Exploring embedded git control and few other cool features in Atom editor
  • Basic understanding of Git
  • Basic understanding of any text editor

This is brief introduction to Atom editor. Atom is buzzing with all the git controls  well integrated which makes using it very easy. If you are curious to check out how easy git related things become in atom and other cool features of atom editor or just want to have a feeler before making a switch then this is the course for you.

Who this course is for:
  • Developers curious about switching to or trying Atom Editor
Brief introduction to Atom Editor Free Download
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