Build a Blockchain & Cryptocurrency | Full-Stack Edition Free Download


Full-stack blockchain programming course! A backend + frontend with Node.js, Jest, Express, React, Heroku, & more!

What you’ll learn

  • Build a complete blockchain-powered cryptocurrency from scratch.
  • Understand and fluently converse on the core software engineering concepts behind blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
  • Create unique blockchain-centric solutions to real work problems and business applications.
  • Build proof-of-work based systems.
  • Create backend Node JS servers, with an express API and full testing suite.
  • Build server-to-server systems with real-time networking capabilities.
  • Build frontend web applications, particularly with React JS.
  • Deploy full-stack projects for wide use by the public.
  • Employ software best practices and coding conventions to write clean, scalable code.


  • Experience with the command line and the essentials of an operating system.
  • Knowledge in at least one programming language.
  • Familiarity with how web development works.


White walkers stalking you in the night? Death eaters knocking down your door?

Well, sounds like you’re looking to build a blockchain and cryptocurrency! Having your own blockchain and cryptocurrency is the number one way to get rid of threats both magical and technical!

Ok, maybe the magic part was a tiny bit exaggerated. But the technical part, not so much! The blockchain has become a magic bullet in the software world throughout the past few years. It’s proven that it has the power to revolutionize economic systems and so much more. It seems to have the power to save us all.

But the blockchain wave has only begun! There is so much untapped potential in the field for high-paying employment, and new exciting companies.

But it all starts with building a blockchain and cryptocurrency? How are you going to do that? Take this course!

Why this course specifically?

This course will teach you how to build your own blockchain and cryptocurrency from scratch. You’ll have your own full-on backend, test suite, frontend and deployment process.

It’s no denying that blockchain based systems have taken the tech and financial worlds by storm. A single bitcoin was worth $20,000 at one point in one 2017. And beyond cryptocurrencies, the potential use cases for the blockchain are truly endless. And yet the blockchain industry is still so young. So many startups waiting to, well, start up!

So it’s time to create your own unique blockchain project. Take this course to gain the foundation to do so. Other courses may teach how the blockchain works, its main concepts, or how to invest in a cryptocurrency. But this is the best resource for you to learn how to make a blockchain from scratch, and apply your own unique ideas on top of that.

In this course, you will:

Build a full on blockchain and cryptocurrency backend. Create and code blockchain objects. Implement the core logic to power the blockchain. Learn the essential concepts behind the powerful ideas of blockchain technology.

Write a full test suite and code in a test-driven manner. You will also have the chance to make your implementation truly unique. If your own code covers the test cases, your blockchain will be both unique and functional.

Create a frontend application. Your project will have a web app that will allow people from all over the world to use your blockchain and cryptocurrency. If you’re a fan of React, you’ll love the frontend part of this course.

Finally, you will deploy the project in a public environment. A lot of coding courses will take you as far as the local application. But only a select few take you to the next level. This is one of those courses. You will take publish your project. And anyone in the world will be able to use it, as long as they know your project’s url.

On top of building a full backend, testing suite, a frontend web app, and deploying the project, there are many other aspects of the course to look forward to:

A deep conceptual understanding backed by practical experience. You will see the big picture of core blockchain and cryptocurrency concepts. And those big picture concepts will be reinforced directly by building related features in code. You will find a balance of theory and practical experience in the course.

You will learn work with many technologies. Node.js, JavaScript, Express, APIs, Publish/Subscribe, React.js – all these technologies will be incorporated in the full-stack project. Don’t worry if you’re a beginner to any. Each keyword/concept will be explained – even the fundamental JavaScript. That being said, this course is best for intermediate students – anyone who knows at least one programming language already!

Software Best Practices. You will follow all the modern best practices of full-stack development. Learn the conventions of Node.js and React, and how to properly structure code and projects. As a practicing software engineer, I’ve applied the same level of care to the project course code as I would to code that I ship every day in my full-time job.


Question(s) you may have:

What is the difference between this course and your original course on building a blockchain and cryptocurrency?

This is a remastered version of that original course. The original course does not have a frontend nor a deployment process. So many students were looking for these aspects from that first course. Well, you’ll find that here!

Plus, the refactored test-driven backend will give you the opportunity to truly create your own version of the project. The first course went with the code and core logic first. Then the tests came after. This approach does not give as much immediate freedom to implement the functions and logic in your own unique way.

Also, a lot of the blockchain logic has been improved, with additional methods and concepts! This version of the project is definitely more secure, more thorough, and more complete.

Can this course help me find employment?

Taking this course will turn you into both a software engineer, and a specialized blockchain engineer. This position is a new one in the software industry. And the demand is high. But the supply is low. So open a ton of doors by becoming an in-demand engineer with a fully deployed blockchain and cryptocurrency on your resume!


Ultimately, this course is a learning experience like no other. It’s an opportunity to become a pioneer in such a young and promising field!

So, are you going to let this golden chance pass you by? Heck no! Join the course, and let’s get starting coding a full-on blockchain and cryptocurrency!

Who this course is for:

  • This course is suited for someone who has experience in at least one programming language. This course moves through coding essentials at a quick pace. Your experience in one other language will definitely help.
  • Perfect for anyone who already knows a bit of JavaScript. This course is 95% JavaScript based, so any JS experience will be extremely useful.
  • This course is not suited for complete beginners to programming. You will find that the course moves too quickly if you’ve never coded before. However, a persistent student may be able to learn coding in this course, if that student is willing to be patient with a lot of supplemental reading and research.

Build a Blockchain & Cryptocurrency | Full-Stack Edition Free Download

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