Build a Full-Stack Chrome Extension with NodeJS and MongoDB


Build a Chrome Extension that Scrapes Amazon Search Results while Learning To Keep Your Codebase Clean & Extendable.

What you’ll learn

  • How to Build a Chrome Extension
  • How To Scrape Web Data with Your Chrome Extension


  • Beginner level of JavaScript or any other coding language
  • NodeJS Experience is a plus (but not a must)
  • Knowledge of MongoDB or MySQL Database is a plus (but not a must)
  • Beginner level of any server-side technology


In this course, we’ll be developing a new Full-Stack Chrome Extension that Scrapes Amazon, and automatically saves Product Data within a MongoDB Database.

Our finished product (which you’ll be able to publish to the Chrome Store) will be a Chrome Extension that enables any user to Scrape their own Amazon Purchase History, the results of any Amazon Search URL, or the results of multiple Amazon Search Keywords – one after the next.

*Code Samples Included All Along Your Path To Mastering Chrome Extension Development*

The Technology Stack you’ll be dealing with in this course:

– Chrome Extension

– AngularJS (for the Chrome Extension Popup)

– jQuery *(for interacting with the Amazon DOM)

– NodeJS Server

– Mongo Database

The Functionality For the Chrome Extension:

  1. Signup and Login via the Popup View
  2. Select Elements From The DOM with the Content.js Page
  3. Make The Chrome Extension Automatically Navigate Through All Pages of Search Results

Who this course is for:

  • JavaScript Developers looking to build a Chrome Extension
  • Coders interested in scraping web data with Chrome Extensions
  • Internet Entrepreneurs looking to build a Social Shopping App
  • E-commerce Professionals seeking to glean insights from Amazon Product listings

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