Build REST APIs with Django REST Framework and Python


Learn Basics to Advanced Django REST Framework by building IMDB API Clone (JWT, Token, Throttling, Pagination, Testing)

What you’ll learn

  • Understand about REST API from Basics
  • In-depth Django Rest Framework knowledge through Official Documentation
  • Implement CRUD operations
  • Build IMDB API Clone
  • How to use Browsable API as well as Postman
  • Learn advanced concepts like Permissions, Throttling, Pagination


  • Basic Knowledge of Python and Django


Welcome to Django Rest Framework Masterclass,One single course to start your DRF journey as a beginner step-by-step. This course touches on each and every important topic through concept explanation, documentation, and implementation. The entire course is designed for beginners with one goal in mind, to build powerful REST APIs using Python and Django.

Throughout the course, we will explore the most important Django Rest Framework topics step-by-step:

1. API Basics

2. Serializers
– Serializers
– ModelSerializer
– HyperlinkedModelSerializer

3. Function-Based

4. Class-Based Views
– APIView
– Generic Views
– Mixins
– Concrete View Classes

5. Viewsets and Routers

6. Permissions
– IsAuthenticated
– IsAdminUser
– IsAuthenticatedOrReadOnly
– Custom Permission

7. Authentications
– BasicAuthentication
– TokenAuthentication
– JSON Web Token Authentication

8. Throttling
– AnonRateThrottle
– UserRateThrottle
– ScopedRateThrottle
– Custom Throttles

9. Django Filter Backend
– Filtering
– Searching
– Ordering

10. Pagination
– Page Number
– Limit Offset
– Cursor

Who this course is for:

  • Django Developers Who Want To Learn About API Building

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