C# Essential Training: 1 Syntax and Object Oriented Programming


Course details

  • Introduction
  • 1. What Is C#?
  • 2. Getting Started
  • 3. Working with Classes
  • 4. Object-Oriented Features
  • Conclusion

Get started in Microsoft application development by learning C#. Fast, capable, and productive, C# combines the best features of C++ and Java—with none of the reference counting or performance concerns. This part teaches the essential components of the syntax, including variables, strings, operations, classes, and methods. Plus, learn about encapsulation, inheritance, and the extension methods that make C# a great object-oriented programming language. This course is your first and best resource for programming with C#—the simple, modern, and popular choice for Windows developers. Topics include:

  • The history of C#
  • Setting up your development environment in Visual Studio
  • Declaring variables
  • Working with strings
  • Using mathematical operations
  • Creating classes and properties
  • Using expressions
  • Using static, abstract, and virtual methods
  • Building a user interface
  • Extending classes
  • Working with subclassed objects
  • Using the object-oriented features of C#