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The most complete Design Thinking course on the market. 7 easy steps to expert level Design Thinking professional.

What you’ll learn

  • “Design [RE]Thinking ” – Andy’s own book in PDF format with over 250 pages packed with great design info worth 30 USD for you to follow along with the course content
  • No Fluff! Only concrete Information! 30 New Methods fully integrated in order to have a full understanding of how the Design Thinking process works


  • An internal desire to become innovative and understand your customers.
  • Ambition to learn new design skills and make an impact on the market.


ALL NEW in 2021 | Design Thinking Masterclass Book – “Design [RE[ Thinking – reimagining innovation for the new normal” |  Andy’s design thinking book in PDF | this book has all the tools discussed in the course shown and you can look at the paragraphs in the book as you follow along with the course content presented by Andy. It’s the best combination of theory and practice put together.


4,5 hours of knowledge packed content in a vlog format for your engagement and convenience!

30 methods fully integrated in the design thinking process

94 resources for you to download including the entire E-Book on Design Thinking worth 30 USD

In this course you’ll learn everything there is to know about design thinking. This is the only course on the market that not only shows the high-level process but also goes through each one of the steps in detail. In this design thinking course you’ll get to work on an actual business case example – we’ll be using design thinking to create the restaurant experience of your dreams. This will allow you to fully understand how the design thinking tools work – we will not only show you the tools but also real examples of the results so that you know exactly what kind of results you should be expecting from each method. You’ll learn design thinking methods focused on business requirements analysis, customer research, problem definition and ideation as well as prototypingtesting and the impact delivery.

In this design thinking course you will learn:

  • how to not only do the customer research to fully understand the perspective of your customers but also how to synthesise and use the results
  • how the entire design thinking process works so that you can use any methods you might already know or even create you own exciting methods

Who this course is for:

  • Those who want a fresh and updated look on Design Thinking and understand exactly how to work it.
  • Business owners wanting to reach their customers on a real level and dramatically improve their experience.
  • Product owners wanting to have a full grasp on the design thinking process and use it to improve their products.

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