The Complete PHP Masterclass – Go from Beginner to Artisan Free Download


This PHP course gives you the skills you need to succeed as a freelance software engineer.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn PHP 7 and PHP 8
  • Build a WordPress plugin from scratch


  • A computer – Windows, Mac, and Linux are all supported. Setup and installation instructions are included for each platform.
  • Basic computer skills (If you can search the internet or use a word processor, you’ll do just fine.)
  • Eagerness to learn



This course is/will/has…

  1. A living, breathing, course continuously updated whenever new significant versions of PHP get release, whether that’s PHP 7.0 to 7.1, PHP 7.x to PHP 8.x, or later, I’ll be sure you have the latest information as quickly as possible in new videos.
  2. Teach you the difference in coding standards that makes the difference between a PHP artisan, and someone who’s self-taught and spends years in the dark. (HINT: SOLID, DRY, YAGNI! You’ll learn what they mean and why they’re important, and also why your code should comment itself.)
  3. Has several micro-courses to help you grow in ways that matter, potentially putting you six-figures or more in profit!

Bread and Butter (Basics and Advanced PHP Concepts)

What about the main course? (Hint: it’s not a dinner roll! 🙂 ) Here’s what you can expect.

  1. Getting started with Eclipse PDT (free)
  2. Variables (including global variables)
  3. Data types (arrays, strings, int, float, etc.)
  4. Superglobals ($_GET, $_POST, $_COOKIE, $_SERVER, $_FILES, $_REQUEST) – The general I/O for your PHP application
  5. Flow control (if/elseif/else, for, foreach, while, do/while, switch) – Control what happens in your application
  6. Ternary statements
  7. Error handling with try/catch/finally
  8. Functions (including anonymous/lambda functions)
  9. Type Hinting (classes, array, scalar types [New in PHP 7!])
  10. OOP (Classes, methods, properties [static and dynamic], scope, and more!)
  11. Generators
  12. GuzzleHTTP for API interaction

What’s an online freelance marketplace? Simple. It’s a place where vendors and shoppers meet each other and transact service-based business. An example of some of them are Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr.

The project includes the following:

  1. Laravel 7 training
  2. Git using GitHub
  3. Authentication system, and a deep dive into how that works behind the scenes.
  4. Create and manage a project screens
  5. Project search and Laravel Scout with Algolia’s free tier
  6. CI/CD with Travis CI

Who this course is for:

  • No Experience needed! – New to web development or programming in general (I assume you don’t know anything at all about building websites or programming in general.)

The Complete PHP Masterclass – Go from Beginner to Artisan Download Link