CSS: Advanced Typographic Techniques Free Download


CSS is a veritable playground for type designers. It allows you to push the boundaries of typography, and explore new creative possibilities.

  • Controlling font rendering with CSS
  • Using web fonts
  • Adjusting kerning
  • Adding dimension to text
  • Working with gradients and drop shadows
  • Using 2D and 3D transforms
  • Applying perspective
  • Aligning split text
  • Creating and triggering transitions
  • Enabling animations
  • Extending CSS with Lettering.js and Modernizr

CSS, Advanced Typographic Techniques. I’m really excited about this course, because I get to do one of my favorite things, which is to play around and experiment with CSS. We’re gonna tackle several projects that take working with typography beyond the basic capabilities of CSS and explores the artistic possibilities of what you can do with type. We’re gonna be working with type shadows, animations, transforms, and other CSS properties that can be combined into creative typographic effects.

We’ll also explore how JavaScript libraries, like Lettering.JS and Modernizer can help us take type to the next level.  So, let’s get started.