TeamTreeHouse – Data Analysis Basics


Learn how to make better decisions with data in this course on data analysis. 


Looking at Data Analysis courses for beginners? You’ve come to the right place. This Track will equip you in all the fundamentals you’ll need for data analysis.

As long as you have basic computer knowledge, you won’t need a prerequisite for this Track.

We’ll start with Spreadsheet Basics, where we’ll learn about the functionality of Google Sheets, as well as some basic formulas. Next, we’ll cover some definitions of what data is, how it’s used, and a general overview of data analytics.

Next, you’ll learn all about how to use Microsoft Excel—a program in many ways similar to Google Sheets, yet more robust. Finally, the Track covers beginning data visualization—different kinds of charts, how to make them, and what situations we recommend you use them for.

Data analysis is all about telling a story with your information. Learn how with this Beginning Data Analysis Track!

About this Course

Learn how to make better decisions with data in this course on data analysis. We’ll start by looking at what data analysis is, and then we’ll see how we can use data analysis to create better outcomes.

What you’ll learn

  • Cleaning and preparing data in spreadsheets
  • Summarizing data with formulae
  • Normal distributions and standard deviations
  • Simple visualizations in spreadsheets
  • Presenting findings