Data science for algorithmic trading


We will create an algorithmic trading strategy that earns 50% annually.

What you’ll learn

  • Use numpy to do scientific calculation


  • No knowledge required
  • Programming knowledge in python is advantageous
  • Statistics and algebra is a advantageous


It is with pride that I offer this data science course for algorithmic trading. It is the fruit of several years of work in the field to truly understand all the subtleties of the world of quantitative finance.

Using libraries will allow you to do complex mathematical calculations applied to finance in just a few lines of code. We will see how to create an algorithm for trading from data import to automatic positions. You will create an algorithm that will yield more than 50% annually on the Nasdaq 100 using an algorithm.

In summary, we will study:

The numpy library to do scientific calculations

The pandas library organize and visualize data

The Matplotlib library to make powerful graphics

Features engineering

Linear regression for finance

Machine vector support

Decision tree

Random Forest

Apply and understand the Sharpe ratio

Apply and understand the Sortino ratio

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone

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