Downlaod Forex Trading Price Action: Advanced Swing Trading Strategy


Profitable Swing Trading Strategy that can be applied to Forex Trading, Stock Trading and other Financial Markets.

What you’ll learn
  • Have a full understanding of a profitable Trading Strategy
  • Trade with a solid strategy
  • In-depth knowledge of Chart Patterns
  • Choose the perfect Time Frame for your Trading
  • Use the most popular and effective tools of Technical Analysis
  • Analyze price movements in a logical way
  • Understand why prices move
  • Recognize key Supply and Demand levels
  • Analyze the Trend with a Solid Setup
  • Immediately recognize Trading opportunities on the Chart
  • Basic understanding of Forex or Stock Market Trading
  • A computer or laptop
  • Desire to learn and achieve your goals!

Course updated in May 2019!

Why are you still struggling to make money with Forex Trading?

You have tried all the indicators, oscillators, harmonic patterns, systems but you still don’t have constant profits in the Forex Market. Why?
I believe in a logical approach to Financial Markets, I believe in thinking differently.
The way I succeed in Forex Trading is by applying a simple Strategy to understand how prices move.

Welcome to Forex Trading Price Action: Advanced Swing Trading Strategy.

My aim for this course is to give you a simple setup to understand why so many signals fail, why so many positions end losing money, why you are not maximizing your profits on winning trades.

You will learn how to read the market applying the main principles and concepts of Swing Trading. You will learn a strategy that works on several Financial Markets:

– Forex
– Stock Market
– Indices
– Commodities
– Cryptocurrencies

I will guide you through the most effective Chart Patterns to conduct a professional Technical Analysis.
Swing Points, Wedges, Pennants, Triangles and much more. We will see how to interpret the action of the market through these important patterns, but, most importantly, we will see how to enter a trade with perfect timing and how to place Stop Loss and Take Profit in order to maximize your profits in the long period.

In Section 6, you will find two fundamental concepts to trade any Financial market successfully: Rejection and Breakout.
We will also see how to automate your orders, so you can spend just a few minutes per day for your trading, avoiding to be at the computer all the time.

You will find many market analyses (Section 7) and live trades (Section 10) to see how to apply what you learn in the real world, where things get harder. All the live trades are taken with a real money trading account that I have created for this course.

You will learn the importance of having a good Money Management strategy, with a section that is entirely dedicated to Money Management strategies like the 1% of MAX or the Kelly Criterion.

What if you want to be a short-term trader, or you are interested in day trading or you want to invest in the long period? Section 11 covers all the different setups, so you can adapt the strategy to your needs and your availability.

All the examples provided in the course are about Forex Trading, but I am confident that you will find the material very useful for Stock Trading and Cryptocurrency Trading too.

What else in this course?

  • You will learn from my 11+ years of experience.
  • You have unlimited lifetime access at no extra costs.
  • You can join our Facebook group and share your opinion with the instructor and thousands of other students. This is a huge opportunity to accelerate your learning curve!
  • New lectures will be added to the course constantly at no extra cost to you!
  • You can always ask for help, my support is well known in Udemy.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee no questions asked.

I like to say to my students that signing up for this course is like signing up for a gym membership. You have all the equipment, all the machines, and a personal trainer ready to help you, but if you stay home, eating chips and watching television, you are not going to see any result, right? So, take your first step. Enroll in the course and let’s start this journey together.

See you at the top 

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants a step by step strategy to start trading in the Forex market
  • Anyone who is interested in creating an income with online Forex Trading
  • Traders who want to enhance their Forex knowledge and skill-set
  • Anyone who wants to understand how Financial Markets work
  • Anyone who is looking for a proof that Forex Trading can give you Financial Freedom
  • Traders who want to discover how to analyze the market with a logical approach

Forex Trading Price Action: Advanced Swing Trading Strategy Free Download

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