The Branding Masterclass The Entire Brand Design Process Free Download


Sketching, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Brand Voice, Color & Typographic Systems, Portfolio and Client Presentations

What you’ll learn

  • The Entire Branding Process from Sketch to Finished Client Presentation
  • Understand Everything About Client Briefs
  • Learn to Ask the Right Questions to the Client
  • Learn to Conduct Client and Competitor Research
  • Work through Word Association Exercises, Word Mapping and Learn HOW to Brainstorm
  • Learn How to Sketch and Sketch Various Concepts
  • Work through the ENTIRE Logo Design Process
  • Learn How to Choose the Right Typeface
  • Develop a Typographic System
  • Create a Flexible Color System


  • Access to Photo Editing and a Vector Editing Program (This course uses Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator)
  • Basic Working Knowledge of a Photo Editing or Vector Editing Program


The brand development process plays a critical part of the marketing and success of a company.

This class gently guides you through this process with a practical real world branding project using a case study for a sushi restaurant and delivery service.

This course gives you the tools to know how to spark creativity, ideas, concepts and put them into motion. We go over several tools to help prevent creators block and to make it easy to come up with ideas that are relevant, authentic and meaningful.

Looking at blank pages never have to be scary again. You will feel confident filling those pages with finished polished content that will wow your potential clients.

We will work on building a finished case study presentation for you to start building a strong portfolio.

This course has a nice balance of theory and practical software projects. This class is for those who have taken any of my software courses or have basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator or Adobe alternatives design programs as we will not cover the beginner level software basics.

This course comes loaded with a 50 page brand design guide that details the entire class in an easy to read accessible pdf. This course comes with style presentation Adobe photoshop template, an Adobe Illustrator brand presentation template and an Adobe Photoshop Behance portfolio template and more.

Ready to start changing more, elevate your design offerings and change the direction of your career? I will see you in the first lesson.

Who this course is for:

  • Graphic designers wanting to learn more about the entire branding and brand design process