Build an app in less than 1 hour using React Native Free Download


Learn React Native and it’s principles by building a tinder like jokes app

What you’ll learn

  • Build a full functional mobile app
  • Learn the initial concepts of react
  • Learn about Expo and creating a react native mobile app
  • Use APIs from different services, fetch and use data from an API


  • A basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript


*** Brand New Course Launched in June 2017***


Learn React Native by doing!

React Native is taking over the mobile market, building Native paced mobile applications, with the principle of learn once implement everywhere. This means we can easily build mobile apps for iOS and Android super quickly and intuitively.

Subscribe and up skill yourself in the Framework used by companies such as Facebook, Uber, AirBnb to build their mobile apps.

What are we going to cover and use ?

React Native – State – Props – Expo

You’ll be building a tinder inspired jokes app:

We’ll be using diagrams and flowcharts throughout our course to pictorially explain what is happening at each step and how this fits into the bigger picture of React Native, we leave no stone unturned when going over core theories of this popular and fast framework.

Learn React’s popular JSX markup language, combining HTML and Javascript and get quickly trained on breaking down large applications into much smaller component based solutions that you can re-use throughout your code.

Understand how ‘props’ and ‘state’ work, more importantly understand what the exactly are, what they do and why they are necessary.

Learn how to easily manage your data using State and build complex applications, and become that entrepreneur who knows how to curate your tech team, or address your consultancy.

We learn about Redux middleware, nothing is explained using jargon and everything is taught in a relatable and simple terms, making it extremely easy to grasp all these new concepts

*** 30 day guarantee full refund**

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who’s had trouble understanding React
  • Beginners trying to build an application
  • Entrepreneurs

Build an app in less than 1 hour using React Native Course Download Link

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