Getting Started with CSS for React Developers


CSS, along with HTML and JavaScript, plays a pivotal role in the creation of an app’s user interface. Still, many React developers never attain mastery in this essential stylesheet language. In this course—an installment in a larger series on CSS for React developers—instructor Eric Greene covers the basics of using CSS and PostCSS to create elegant React apps. Eric shows how to use a custom React scripts package, configure PostCSS—a tool that powers more than 200 diverse JavaScript plugins—and make a few changes to it, and work with CSSNext and PostCSS. Plus, learn how to add additional PostCSS plugins and test your CSS in Microsoft web browsers.

In this course, we’re going to take a look at getting started with using CSS with our React projects. My name is Eric Greene, this video’s brought to you by WintellectNOW. We’ll get started by taking a look at an overview of incorporating CSS into our React projects and all the various technical details that go along with that. We’ll take a look at how to create a customized React project by creating a custom React scripts package.

We’re going to take a look at our PostCSS configuration and make some changes to that configuration. Then we’re going to talk a little bit about CSSNext and PostCSS. And we’ll take a look at how we can add some additional PostCSS plugins. And then finally we’ll talk a little bit about Microsoft web browsers. If you’re doing development on Mac or Linux, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge do not work on those platforms, and we’ll take a look at ways of actually using those browsers so that we can test out our CSS as we’re doing our development.