[Download] Ecommerce SEO Master Class for Shopify stores 2021


The ultimate guide to Master SEO for Ecommerce stores. Boost your traffic: Optimize your shopify eCommerce Store for SEO

What you’ll learn

  • Step by step SEO guide for e-Commerce Shopify stores
  • Learn Advanced SEO startegies to increase your Shopify Store traffic
  • Understand what is SEO and why you should adopt this marketing strategy


  • You should have a eCommerce store or planning to have one
  • Basic knowledge of the shopify platform and how it works
  • A laptop and an internet connection
  • Explore different strategies to create and build your backlinks profile (Off-Site optimization)
  • Learn how to structure you e-Commerce store and collections
  • Explore what is content marketing and how to use it get Free traffic to your store


Getting free traffic is every store owner’s dream! Free traffic means more potential customers that cost you zero $! so every cent they spend on your store is pure profit!

Relying on Paid ads to bring traffic to your store is totally fine and it is definitely a way to get brand awareness, make sales, and make profits! But with the rising competition, the huge ads costs and the new stores that come to life each day, relying on one and only source of traffic is not something I recommend you to do!

People use google daily to search for topics they want to explore or for things they need to buy!  Google processes more than 80,731 queries per second which equivalent to 2.5 trillion searches per year! This is huge I know!  People go to google, type their queries, process the results, and click on the ones they catch their attention! 

Optimizing your store for SEO is not a job you do lightly or without prior knowledge because unless you know exactly what you are doing there is a great probability that you will be loosing your time and energy without getting results!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to boost his eCommerce business by raking higher on google and driving Free Traffic
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