Git Essential Training: The Basics By Kevin Skoglund


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Learn how to use Git, the popular open-source version control software, to manage the source code for almost any project. In this course, Kevin Skoglund explores the fundamental concepts behind version control systems and the Git architecture. Using a step-by-step approach, he shows how to install Git and presents the commands that enable efficient code management. Learn how to add, change, and delete files in the repository; view a log of previous commits; and compare versions of a file. Plus, see how to undo changes to files and ignore certain files in a Git repository.

 [Kevin] Using Git as a source code management tool has become an essential skill for all web developers. Then we’ll cover the essential techniques you need to add files to a Git repository, to track changes to those files over time, and to view and compare previous versions of the files. Our goal is to become comfortable with the most common actions in Git so that you can use them effortlessly. I’m Kevin Skoglund. I’m a web developer who’s been writing code for over 15 years, and I’ve been using Git for over 10 years. Git has helped me manage complex projects, and I firmly believe, helps me to write better code too. Whether your goal is to manage your own code…

What You Will Learn

What Is Git?
Install Git
Getting Started
Git Concepts and Architecture
Make Changes to Files
Use Git with a Real Project
Undo Changes
Ignore Files