Python Programming Fundamentals For Beginners


Probably the best Python Beginner course on the internet

What you’ll learn

  • You will get a clear understanding of all Python core concepts
  • You will be able to write programs that interact with a user through a text terminal
  • Create basic games based on guessing random number generation
  • Simulate an intelligent conversation with a computer
  • Write functions that take in any number of arguments
  • Create program that encrypts messages
  • Create a program that cracks encrypted messages


  • You should have Windows PC or Apple Mac with OSX
  • You should install Python (from
  • Have a basic understanding of mathematics (Year 8 level)


Becoming an awesome programmer is a bit like building a large tower of knowledge in that solid foundations are the key to your success. Completing this course will provide you with mastery over these foundations. Here is a quick summary of the journey that awaits you:


  • variables (integers, floats and strings)
  • control structures ( loops and if statements)
  • functions
  • data structures (lists and dictionaries)

Learning Process

The course incorporates principles known to help humans learn better, namely: multiple perspectives, revision, feedback and real world application.  

  • User authentication with a dictionary
  • Guessing number game
  • Human reaction time measurement
  • Human memory training
  • Palindrome Discovery (all single word palindromes in English)

Who this course is for:

  • High School Students looking to learn programming
  • Computer professionals looking to get a quick handle on python
  • Teachers / Tutors looking to find an ideal learning sequence to teach Python programming
  • Programming students looking to take a practical jargon free approach