RBR – Algorithms and data structures for Interview preparation Course


RBR Algorithm and Data Structure and Interview Video

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This course covers algorithmic techniques for solving problems arising in the field of computer science. It is a mix of theory and practice.

This course will act as a catalyst to your preparation to crack the interviews of the product based companies. Understanding the power and limitations of algorithms helps you to solve the real-life problems smarter and faster.

In this course, we will explain all the possible ways to solve the problem and analyse each solution using Time & Space Complexity. After finishing this course, you will be able to solve most of the problems with an optimal solution.


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Interview Prep – RBR Gate 2021

  • Information
  • Arrays
  • Linked List
  • Hashing
  • Stack
  • Queues
  • Heaps
  • Trees
  • Strings
  • Divide and Conquer
  • Greedy Algorithms
  • Backtracking
  • Dynamic Programming
  • Pattern Matching
  • Advanced Data Structures
  • Graphs
  • Bit Manipulation Algorithms
  • Mathematical Algorithms
  • Programs in C