Top 55 Linux Interview Questions & Answers Beginner To Pro


57 Linux questions with detailed answers, with practical examples included & demonstrated with the BASH shell terminal

What you’ll learn

  • top linux interview questions and answers
  • common linux questions and answers
  • typical linux questions and answers
  • introduction to linux
  • linux for beginners
  • introduction to linux bash shell terminal
  • overview of some common linux shell commands
  • linux
  • linux administrator


This course is suitable for beginner to advanced levels/students.

The course aims to prepare the student very well for some of the most common interview questions for Linux related jobs/careers.

The course is highly recommended for Linux beginners, and should help the student to start using Linux very quickly.

If you learn and understand all the answers to the 57 questions in this course, you should be able to comfortably ace most interviews for junior to intermediate level Linux jobs.

Who this course is for:

  • linux newbies
  • beginner linux users
  • linux administrators
  • linux users
  • interested in linux
  • people interested in linux jobs
  • anyone interested in Linux
  • ubuntu
  • debian linux users
  • anyone new to linux
  • people interested in learning Linux
  • linux beginners
  • people interested in learning some linux bash shell commands
  • interested in a career in linux