Ethical Hacking With Python, JavaScript and Kali Linux


Become Ethical Hacker by building your own payloads with Python and JavaScript. (Real World Attacks Included)

What you’ll learn

  • Learn to use Kali Linux – a penetration testing operating system
  • Learn linux basics
  • Learn to crack WPA networks
  • Learn to remain anonymous while hacking
  • Learn to hack secure systems using client-side and social engineering attacks
  • Learn to launch various Man in the Middle Framework (MITMF) plugins
  • Learn to use Wireshark
  • Learn to use veil framework to make payloads and get access to victim machine file system
  • Learn about information gathering tools like nmap and netdiscover
  • Discover open ports, installed services, and vulnerabilities on computer systems
  • Network basics & how devices interact inside a network
  • Learn about the BEEF framework
  • Learn to make custom malware and backdoors with Python
  • Learn to make port scanner with Python
  • Learn to make macchanger with Python
  • Learn to pen-test web applications with Javascript with BurpSuite
  • Learn about Socket Programming with Python
  • Learn to gain control over computer systems using client-side attacks


  • Computer with a minimum 4GB RAM (8GB+ Preferred)
  • No Programming, Hacking Knowledge Required
  • Adding wireless adapter for hacking skill is optional (BUT if you want to learn WIFI hacking skills, you must have one)
  • No networking Knowledge is Required
  • Practice everything along videos, otherwise it is useless


Welcome to this most comprehensive course on Ethical Hacking. Hacking is not always a rewarding activity but it is one of the most fun profession where you can use your knowledge to make yours and others system secured. This course will try to turn you into a person who can check for the vulnerability in the system and make your own payload to pen-test that system and evaluate proper security measures that need to be adopted. We’ll try to make payloads and test systems from section one, Thus this course is highly practical. We (Bit4Stack Tech Inc.) assumes that you have no prior knowledge of these topics, So we will provide some theory related to networking at the beginning and hands on examples with it.

We will cover three modules in this course. Every module will have a rich content related to Hacking. The first module covers Kali Linux and its Hacking Applications. We will go through most of the applications that are available in Kali Linux like airodump-ng, motif, Wireshark, veil framework, beef framework, and lots more. The second module covers Python programming and pen testing machines with it. First of all, we will learn about the basics of python and we will make applications like mac changer, port scanner, and crawler with python. We will have a dedicated section to write malware and backdoor with python. The third module covers JavaScript and its use in web pen-testing. We will make our own payload to find vulnerabilities in test and live websites. Attacks like XSS, URL redirection, HTML Injection, and Host Header Injection.

Who this course is for:

  • For aspirants who want to learn Ethical Hacking using Kali Linux tools
  • For those who want to learn Python for pentesting the systems
  • For those who want to learn JavaScript to pen-test web applications
  • For future Security Officers who want to learn scripting language to make a career out of it
  • For those who want to learn to secure their systems from cybersecurity attacks