Flutter Tutorials – Create Beautiful Flutter Apps And UIs


Create Flutter Apps and UIs from Scratch. This Course Also Contains Flutter with Firebase, Github & Payment Integration.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn How to Create Flutter Apps and UIs
  • Flutter Firebase
  • Flutter Apps UIs with Resources and Explanation
  • Razorpay Payment Integration


  • Android Studio and Flutter Sdk
  • Basic Flutter Understanding


Flutter Awesome UIs – Create Flutter Apps and UIs from Scratch. Learn about flutter components and packages along with the source code. This course is particularly designed for developers who want to explore flutter and learn about flutter widgets and components and it’s uses. This course will also help you to create flutter app from scratch.

Reasons to learn Flutter : 

  • Increasing Demand for Flutter Developers : Flutter Developers’ demand is increasing day by day in the job market as almost everyone is moving towards Native app development for which Flutter is very much relevant. Even many experienced developers who are in the development domain for many years are finding Flutter more preferable.
  • Larger Community : Think if you got stuck in any programming error and nobody is near you to guide what’s wrong. So, as a developer what’ll you do? Right, you search your error on Google or in a browser and you’ll find a similar problem with a solution. And that’s where the role of the larger Flutter community comes! The Flutter developers community has seen exponential growth in the last few years on different QA forums such as Stack Overflow, etc.
  • Better Documentation : Indeed, well-prepared documentation is also very essential for any framework or language to make a good standing in the market and Flutter has awesome and fully organized documentation where you can easily learn the syntax and other required concepts in detail. Also, as Flutter contain lots of library and widgets and you can easily find all these on Flutter documentation.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in programming and designing

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