Udacity – Full Stack Web Developer Nanodegree Free Download


Learn to design and develop powerful modern web applications that form the foundation for the apps, websites, and systems that people and businesses use every day.

Full Stack Web Developer

The goal of the Full Stack Web Developer Nanodegree program is to equip learners with the unique skills they need to build database-backed APIs and web applications. A graduate of this program will be able to design and build databases for software applications, create and deploy database-backed web APIs, and secure and manage user authentication and access control for an application backend. Students will also learn how to deploy a Flask-based web application to the cloud using Docker and Kubernetes.

What You Will Learn

  • SQL and Data Modeling for the Web

Master relational databases with the power of SQL, and leverage Python to incorporate database logic into your programs.

  • API Development and Documentation

Learn how to use APIs to control and manage web applications, including best practices for API testing and documentation.

  • Identity Access Management

Implement authentication and authorization in Flask and understand how to design against key security principle.

  • Server Deployment and Containerization

Develop an understanding of containerized environments, use Docker to share and store containers, and deploy a Docker container to a Kubernetes cluster using AWS