How To Sell Yourself In The Automation Interviews Free Download


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What you’ll learn
  • How to sell yourself in the interviews
  • Software Engineers


Welcome to the course ‘How to sell yourself in the automation interviews’

During our Face to Face Interviews, Though we are good in our programming skills, our talking skills, we actually miss out on what our interviewer is trying to ‘Listen’ from us.

Most of us are good at work. But It is due to our ‘no show off’ nature, we stay behind in our careers.

There are various attributes a interviewer expects in an interviewee

This course will help you with the following:

To express all these attributes in you to the interviewer.
To project your ‘Credibility’ as a software engineer in the interviews.
Show off your ‘Technical Abilities’ in a genuine, down to earth manner.
To portray your ‘Leadership Abilities’ in the interview

This course also helps all manual testers by giving them new automation project ideas such that they can transform their job profiles to automation engineers

This course discusses the face to face interview case studies of various automation and manual test engineers.

Note: This course is given as a free bonus in the course ‘Cracking Python Interview Questions on Programming’

Who is the target audience?
  • All Manual Test Engineers wanting to transform to Automation Engineers
  • All Automation Engineers who are looking out for jobs, but not sure about the approach to sell themselves in the Interviews
How To Sell Yourself In The Automation Interviews Free Download

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