Instant Voice Training: How to Train Your Voice Instantly!


Vocal training and voice exercises used by professionals to improve your voice OVERNIGHT!

What you’ll learn

  • Bring your voice forward via doing “mouth pull-ups” to unleash your dynamic, vibrant powerful voice.
  • Determine the type of voice you have and the best approach to calibrate it for best utilization.
  • Apply singing techniques to your speaking voice to propel your vocal projection to a whole new level.
  • Practice sustaining sound control when speaking for long periods of time so you don’t damage your vocal cords.
  • Perform the breathing muscle “push up/release out” technique to allow more air intake for clearer articulation with resonance.


  • Be prepared to apply the extremely interactive practical step-by-step training to guarantee to improve your voice if you follow the easy-to-do exercises.
  • The instructions are very straightforward, terse, and hands-on with plenty of examples and exercises to make sure you notice an improvement in your voice in no time that lives up to its name of “Instant Voice Training” as you would perfectly expect from the INSTANT Series.


The Instant-Series Presents “Instant Voice Training”

How to Train Your Voice Instantly!

In a world…where your voice totally matters – what do you do if you don’t have the sexiest voice, the most commanding voice, the most articulate voice…or are simply not happy with the voice you have?

There is a myriad of reasons to why you would want/need to have a better voice, such as…

Are you familiar with the proverbial saying “it’s not what you say, but how you say it” and how your actual words only make up “7% of communication”? Well, your voice makes up a remaining majority of that.

That’s what having a golden voice will do for you.

Your voice is the ultimate weapon in your arsenal. It can move mountains.

Who this course is for:

  • This is NOT aimed for musicians nor will the focus be on the singing voice but rather on the speaking voice.