React Native in 7 Steps Free Download


Get started with React Native development for iOS and Android with a single code base written in JavaScript

What you’ll learn

  • Build cross-platform native iOS and Android application development with React Native
  • Style and design your application using React Native
  • Discover state and prop management
  • Navigate between screens and create reusable components
  • Work with Android Studio and X-code for React Native
  • Message in real time with Firebase and React Native
  • Work with HTTP requests and local storage with React Native


  • No knowledge of React Native is needed.


With the help of React Native, you’ll be able to create visually stunning and high-performing applications. You’ll be able to hot-reload applications and see the changes you’ve made without re-compiling your application again and again.

About The Author

Christopher Reyes is a software engineer in Southern California with a BSc in Computer Information Systems, specializing in software development. He has multiple years of experience working across diverse technologies, including proprietary programming languages, and full stack JavaScript.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for app developers looking to make native iOS and Android apps with React Native.