Learning Terraform on Microsoft Azure – Terraform v12 / v13


This course takes you from initial setup though to deploying a multi-location web service

What you’ll learn

  • You will understand the structure of Terraform code and how to deploy resources using the Azure provider.


  • A laptop with internet connectivity. This course has been produced on Windows 10 so if you’re using another platform there will be some subtle differences.
  • An Azure subscription, this course will work on a free trial subscription. Due to the nature of this course a non-production subscription is highly recommended.
  • Basic familiarity with Microsoft Azure and scripting.


This course takes you through all aspects of Terraform v12 and v13, from initial setup to a sample real world deployment in Azure.

The course begins with setting up the training environment, installing Terraform and configuring Azure. As the course develops will look at various aspects of Terraform and how we can use these to build our deployment. Alongside this we will use various resources in Azure, I will explain what these are, how these work and then we will deploy these using Terraform. Just set expectations this course isn’t an Azure course. So while I won’t go into any great depth on each Azure resource I do provide an overview of the most salient features.

This course has been developed to be as practical as possible, most of the lessons are follow along in nature. Overviews of key areas of Terraform and Azure Resources are provided for reference.

Terraform v13 specific lessons have been added in Section 8. These naturally follow on from the prior sections.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in learning Terraform specifically with Microsoft Azure.