Linux Administration +Linux Command Line+Linux Server 3 in 1 Free Download


Learn Linux Administration , Linux Command Line, Linux Server admin, Red Hat Linux, CentOS – Get Linux Certification

What you’ll learn

  • You will understand the fundamentals of the Linux operating system
  • Able to apply that knowledge in a practical and useful manner


  • No prerequisites
  • Only Need An OPEN mind to Learn New Tech Skill


In the event that you need to learn Linux framework organization and supercharge your profession, read on. 

Before the finish of this course you will completely comprehend the most critical and principal ideas of Linux server organization. You’ll have the capacity to design, keep up, and bolster an assortment of Linux frameworks. You can even utilize the aptitudes you figured out how to end up noticeably a Linux System Engineer or Linux System Administrator. 

In this arrangement of recordings I’ll be imparting to you some of my most loved Linux summon line traps. These tips will make your life less demanding at the order line, accelerate your work process, and influence you to feel like an ensured Linux summon line Ninja!  

This Linux course doesn’t make any suppositions about your experience or learning of Linux. You require no earlier information to profit by this Linux course.

Let’s Have a look What we are Going to cover in this Course!

  • Installation and Initialization   
  • Package management   
  • Process monitoring and performance tuning     
  • Important files, Directories and utilities    
  • System services   
  • User Administration    
  • File system security and Management    
  • Advance file system management    
  • Server configuration (DNS, VSFTPD, DHCP, ECT)   
  • Shell scripting   
  • Samba server   
  • Mail server   
  • KVM virtualization    
  • Advance Security    
  • Networking concept and configuration    
  • Database configuration    
  • PXE and Kickstart configuration   
  • LDAP server and client configuration.   
  • Troubleshooting the problem.   
  • Project    

Here is the thing that you will learn by taking Linux Boot camp: 

  1. The most effective method to access a Linux server in the event that you don’t as of now. 
  2. What a Linux appropriation is and which one to pick. 
  3. What programming is expected to interface with Linux from Mac and Windows PCs. 
  4. What SSH is and how to utilize it. 
  5. The record framework design of Linux frameworks and where to discover projects, setups, and documentation. 
  6. The fundamental Linux charges you’ll utilize frequently. 
  7. Making, renaming, moving, and erasing registries. 
  8. Posting, perusing, making, altering, replicating, and erasing records. 
  9. Precisely how authorizations function and how to unravel the most secretive Linux consents effortlessly. 
  10. Step by step instructions to utilize the nano, vi, and emacs editors. 
  11. Two techniques to scan for records and indexes
  12. Step by step instructions to think about the substance of records. 
  13. What funnels are, the reason they are helpful, and how to utilize them. 
  14. Step by step instructions to pack documents to spare space and make exchanging information simple. 
  15. How and for what reason to divert info and yield from applications. 
  16. The most effective method to redo your shell incite. 
  17. The most effective method to be proficient at the summon line by utilizing monikers, tab consummation, and your shell history. 
  18. Step by step instructions to plan and computerize employments utilizing cron. 
  19. Instructions to switch clients and run forms as others. 
  20. Instructions to discover and introduce programming. 
  21. How the boot procedure deals with Linux servers and what you can do to control it. 
  22. The different sorts of messages produced by a Linux framework, where they’re put away, and how to naturally keep them from topping off your plates. 
  23. Circle administration, dividing, and record framework creation. 
  24. Overseeing Linux clients and gatherings. 
  25. Systems administration ideas that apply to framework organization and particularly how to arrange Linux arrange interfaces. 
  26. Step by step instructions to design sudo. 
  27. Overseeing procedure and occupations. 
  28. Linux shell scripting 

Now there are some million dollar and mostly asked questions come which are listed below which will enrich your knowledge towards Linux and not to worry you don’t need to enroll with us to get this extra infos.

What is Linux

The Linux nothing but an open source operating system, or should we say that Linux OS is a cross-platform and also a freely distributable operating system based on Unix.Linux can be installed on PCs, laptops, netbooks, mobile and tablets.Linux is also used in video game consoles, servers, supercomputers and more.

The Linux OS is frequently packaged as a Linux distribution for both desktop and server use.Linux also includes the Linux kernel (the core of the Linux  operating system) as well as supporting tools and libraries. Popular Linux OS distributions include Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Red Hat and openSUSE.

How Does Linux Work ?

As said before Linux is an operating system that runs on the Linux kernel which was created by Sir Linus Torvalds back in the early 1990s in Finland.The Linux logo was also suggested by Linus Torvalds.Like UNIX, Linux is a free operating system which can by run on your PC hardware and it provides you with more control over your operating system.

Linux is the most-used and best-known open source operating system in nowadays. As an operating system, Linux is software that easily sits under all the other software on a computer, receiving requests from those programs and relaying these requests to the hardware of a computer.

Why you’ll pick linux over any other Operating System

  • Linux is Portable(Multiplatform)
  • In linux Multitasking can be done.
  • Linux supports Multi User
  • Linux Support Multiprocessor (SMP)
  • Linux provides Multithreading Support
  • Linux has Virtual Memory
  • Linux provides Hierarchical File System
  • Linux has Graphical User Interface (X Window System, Wayland)
  • Linux also provides Wide Hardware Support
  • Linux has Dynamically Linked Shared Libraries as well as Static Libraries
  • Linux  provides POSIX Compliant (Almost)
  • Linux has Multiple Virtual Consoles
  • Linux has Multiple Filesystem Support
  • Linux consists Multiple Networking Protocols (TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, Appletalk, AX.25)
  • Linux Shell
  • Linux has Strong Security Model
  • Linux is Open Source Operating System

Which are the best Linux Distros for Beginners

According to some well known sources and our research all the best Linux Distros are listed below

Ubuntu – If you’ve researched Linux on the internet, Ubuntu is the highest  probable result in Linux Distros.

Linux Mint Cinnamon –. Linux Mint is the number one Linux distribution on Distrowatch.

Zorin OS – Zorin OS is an Ubuntu-based, highly polished Linux distribution, entirely made for Windows refugees.

Elementary OS – Elementary OS is another Ubuntu-based Linux operating system which means the operating system itself is unquestionably stable.Since we have taken a look at Linux distros for Windows users, let’s swing by something for MacOS users tooThis is highly preferred for MacOS users switching to Linux as they will much comfortable with the desktop. It is one of the most beautiful Linux distros.

Linux Mint Mate – Linux Mint Mate is a great Linux distro if you are looking for something which can run your older computers.Linux Mint Mate is very light, resource efficient but still a polished distro which  is also based on Ubuntu with huge base solid Ubuntu software repository.

Manjaro Linux – Manajro Linux has an extremely beginner friendly installation procedure.Manjaro Linux also comes in XFCE, KDE, Gnome, Cinnamon and a host of more desktop environments.

As the Linux comes with a learning curve, but it’s not something anybody ever have any regrets. So go ahead and check out Linux and fall in love with Linux . And if you are already a Linux user, so cheers.

How to install Linux on windows 10

It is a such a common and also mostly asked question that how to install linux on windows 10 ?

So the answer is Ubuntu can be easily installed from the Microsoft Store only in 5 steps

  1. Firstly use the Start menu and launch the Microsoft Store application.
  2. Search for Ubuntu  
  3. Now select the first result, ‘Ubuntu’ which is published by Canonical Group Limited.
  4. Click on the Install button.
  5. Now the Ubuntu will be downloaded and installed automatically in your system. You can see the progress inside the Microsoft Store application.

How much does a Linux system administrator can make?

A Linux person can make an average $92,736 per year in the United States.

Linux Junior System Administrator earns an average salary of $60,552 per year.

The base salary for Linux Administrator ranges from $72,568 to $102,791 with the average base salary of $91,135.

Linux Engineer can make $114,972 per year,Development Operations Engineer can make $119,630 per year.

Career Opportunities in linux and Companies using Linux:


An American multinational company services search, cloud computing and online advertising technologies runs on Linux.


An famous online social networking and microblogging site that is Powered by Linux .


One of the most famous and most widely used Social Networking service runs on the same Linux platform.


An American international company which deals with International Online Retailing is in the list of Linux powered Company.


IBM (International Business Machine Corporation) the American company which don’t requires any introductionis also uses Linux.


It is the  world’s largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurant uses GNU/Linux (Ubuntu) too.


The submarines in the United State Navy are controlled by same Linux platform.


National Aeronautical and Space Administration, The United nation’s Space program widely uses Linux in each of their programmes.


Most of you would not be knowing that there are Linux Powered Watches in the market, already. The watch developed by IBM running Linux.

Mobile Devices

True, you all know that Linux is powering Mobile Phones, Tablets and Kindle.


A Specific Linux Distro is already in the space. Debian led all the rest.

Raspberry pi

It is the business card sized computer designed for electronic projects also the desktop computing which is very cheap in cost and is fully functional. It is a landmark in Linux Development.

Desktop Computing

Linux made a notable presence in the desktop computing market. In school and academics as well as in government offices Linux are being widely used.


The corporate offices are using Linux and finds Linux more productive than any other alternatives.

New York Stock Exchange

New York Stock Exchange (NYSC) which provides means for buyers and sellers in order to trade shares of stock in companies registered for public trading relies completely on Linux.

Traffic Controlling

In case of Road Traffic or Air Traffic ,Linux proved to be the best than any other available alternative.

Nuclear Projects

Linux is the best option to Nuclear Ambitious projects.

Bullet Trains

The Bullet Trains in Japan which runs at the speed of 240-320 km/h uses linux. All train tracking, maintenance, scheduling and controlling is Linux based.


The fastest Supercomputer of the world, China’s Tianhe-2, which is capable of performing 33.86 petaflops operations per second is a Linux based Operating System.

Internet Hosting

More than 70% of Internet Hosting and service providers are Linux based. This statistic is difficult to figure out but based upon the Linux compatible hardware sold, and demand for cross platform compatible hardware, the above statistics is a rough estimation.


Hackers be it ethical or unethical prefers Linux over any other Platform. In Linux the availability of a variety of tools, the architecture, the security, the technique to handle things intelligently and control everything to the point required makes the linux perfect choice for Hackers.

Other Industries

The Wikipedia, PIZZA Hut, Aviation industry, Parliaments of countries like France are using Linux. When it comes to work in distributed system, multi-user supported system, the only thing that comes to mind is the Linux and only Linux.

The OLX and Just dial have their user base just because of Linux. The service providers relied on Linux for developing Application that has a huge database and act as local google and Amazon.

Postal Services

The US Postal Services and banking sector of most of the countries are using Linux.


Schools, colleges and Universities in Russia, Germany, Philippines, Georgia, Switzerland, Italy, India specially Tamil Nadu are using Linux even for basic computer education.

The availability of specific Linux distro for every task makes Linux the most sought after platform.


For those who think Linux is not for Graphical editing should know that the Oscar winning films Titanic and Avatar were Edited and the Graphics were created using Linux only. Moreover the video cameras these days are also Linux centred.


Cisco, the networking and routing giant are completely Linux Based. This Real-Time Communication and Integration Solutions providing company finds Linux best suited to their Application Development and Delivery.


Recently, cars developed around Linux was exhibited. Making cars more intelligent which can work in odd situations, Linux is the best choice.

Future of ROBOTICS

Again an intelligent critical application, which should work in odd situations and act accordingly, specially when robotics is supposed to be tied with army and security and there remains no place for any flaws, Linux and Only Linux.

Actually the list is ever growing and quite like never ending just like Linux,

Lastly the Unequivocal Udemy 30 day unconditional promise – that is my own guarantee of your prosperity! 

What you realize in Linux Bootcamp applies to any Linux condition including CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Kali Linux, Linux Mint, RedHat Linux, Fedora, OpenSUSE, Slackware, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. 

Select now and begin taking in the aptitudes you have to step up your vocation!

Who this course is for:

  • Do not Have any Linux Skills
  • Have some Basic Linux knowledge and want to be PRO in Linux

Linux Administration +Linux Command Line+Linux Server 3 in 1 Free Download

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