Motion Graphics 2021: Logo & Icon Animation in After Effects


Starting creating your own logo animation for your business or personal brands in Adobe After Effects in just minutes.

What you’ll learn

  • Animate your personal or business logos
  • Improve your animation with animation principles and curves
  • Use hottest professional techniques to improve workflow and be more efficient
  • Understand the basics of After Effects


  • No previous knowledge is required. Basic knowledge of adobe suite software will make this course easier to follow.
  • Download any version of Adobe After Effects. In the course, we’re using the latest Adobe Suites.


Logo is an essential element of any business. It’s the most important part of a brand or an image of a company. Every single motion designer, when they first get started with their career, has been asked to animate a logo before. Knowing how to animate logos is a great starting point to grasp the fundamentals of motion graphics and get you up and running with After Effects animation.

In this course, we will be animating a logo together, from storyboard to final render. Here are the topics that we will cover in this course.

  • Complete professional workflow from storyboard to final render.( AI to AE workflow)
  • A variety of tools inside After Effects
  • Concept of track matt in After Effects ( essential for AE animation )
  • How to work with animation principles
  • How to use graph editors to bring life to your logo animation

Although it’s an introductory course, there are a lot of things that we need to cover in this course, so a basic understanding of design tools from Adobe suites will make this course easier to follow.

This course is for anyone who wants to get into motion design, adding animation to your graphic design and illustration, or someone who wants to have some fun with their business or personal logos. whatever the case maybe, this course is for you.

Everyone has a logo and let’s get it animated!

If you would like to learn more about motion graphics animation, check out my other class on how to animate illustration in After Effects.

Class Projects:

You will be animating a pre-existing logo with things learnt in this course. It can be your own design or anything that you feel excited about. For educational purposes, you can also animate any big brand logo that you like to bring them to life. Just go find a logo and have some real fun!

Steps you can take to animate your own logo:

  1. Plan out animation first (Go online get inspired, Pinterest is a great source)
  2. Think about how to animate position, rotation, transparency to make it fun
  3. Think about how to incorporate track matt into the logo reveal
  4. Use trim path to animate any line elements in the logo
  5. Think about how to incorporate element travelling along path taught in the course
  6. Try the “go to” text reveal taught in the course
  7. Follow the process and build animation in AE

Try to start something simple and you will have ideas come to you as you go along. Don’t worry too much about making it perfect. There is always room for improvement.

I have also included a few logos that you can use as your project, but it’s recommended to animate your own design so you will be more likely to make it awesome. Think of it as something you can put on your portfolio going forward.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with! Happy animating!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone that makes videos
  • Motion graphics designers or video editors
  • Graphic designers
  • Illustrators