GIT – Master GIT Version Control System


This tutorial is about getting started with using Git, understand the version control tools and getting the setup done

What you’ll learn

  • Learn SVN-Life Cycle and find a Demo of SVN working repository
  • get a deep understanding on Working of Git, Git Life Cycle and Operations in Git


  • Capability to install software on your computer
  • Knowledge of developing applications
  • Exposure to software development


Version control systems are a group of software tools that help a software team accomplish changes to source code over time. This tutorial will help beginners learn the basic functionality of the Git version control system.

  • Introduction to Version Control System
  • Terminologies and Types
  • Understanding SVN-Life Cycle
  • Understanding SVN-Life Cycle -2
  • Demo of Svn working repository
  • Working of Git
  • Git Life Cycle
  • Operations in Git

Who this course is for:

  • Software engineers, developers, programmers new to Git
  • IT Managers or technical leads
  • Creative professionals