Operating Systems Final Part (4) : File Systems & Threads


Learn the concepts of Operating Systems from scratch as Operating System forms the core of Computer Science

What you’ll learn

  • You will be able to answer all questions of exams like GATE,PGEE,ISRO (after completing all parts of OS course
  • Understand how Operating Systems work


  • Basics of Operating systems is necessary – if you have watched my Operating Systems Part 1 and Part 2 courses you are good to start this course
  • Have a PC with internet connection


Welcome to the course Operating systems Part 4 : File Systems & Threads

The concepts which we are going to study is going to give a very good understanding of File Systems and Threads – one of the advanced topics of Computer Science. Lot of examples has been discussed just to strenghten the understanding of concepts.

Without using Operating Systems ,it is extremely difficult to communicate with the hardware devices of our computer. Every computer today has an Operating System installed in it.

In this course ,every concept of Operating Systems is taught in an easy-to-understand manner such that anybody who has covered my Operating Systems Part 1 and Part 2 course will be able to understand.

Who this course is for:

  • Anybody who needs to learn Operating Systems completely
  • Anybody who wants to pursue a career in Computer Science
  • If you are preparing for exams like GATE , PGEE , BITS HD , ISRO ,..etc

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