Options Trading MasterClass: Options Trading In Simple Terms


Options Tradings: Options Trading Explained In Simple Terms Includes **MY FREE E-BOOK** As A Downloadable Resource

What you’ll learn

  • Understand Options Trading & How Options Trading Works (Strike Prices, The Greeks , etc.)
  • Understand Call Options & Put Options: The Two Types Of Stock Options
  • Learn How To Trade Call & Put Options Effectively
  • Options Trading Strategy: Learn The Difference Between Buying & Selling Stock Options


  • This Course Has No Prerequisites: Everyone At All Trading Levels Is Welcome
  • Access To A Computer or Tablet To View Videos
  • Notebook & Pen For Note Taking
  • Everything Else Will Be Provided In The Course


In this Options Trading course, President of Capstone Financial & Author of “Options Trading Strategies for Monthly Income” David J. Melilli will educate you on every aspect of options trading.  David will implement his unique options trading process utilizing his extensive knowledge in the area of  options trading.  David has spent over fifteen years in the options trading arena.  This options trading course is taught in an easy to understand, user friendly manner that will excite and help build the confidence to master options trading and it has been designed to educate and enhance every individual that wants to really develop the skills required in the world of options trading.

The  options trading course will start with the history of the very first stock options trading created by a The Greeks Philosopher Thales.  It will then progress into the area of  options trading most popular strategies starting with building a solid foundation of what Calls and Puts are, what they do, how they work. Some of the stock options trading strategies include: Cover Calls, Bull & Bear Spreads, Married Puts, Long Straddles and Long Strangles. My options trading course will include throughout the options trading course;

Who this course is for:

  • Individuals that want to educate themselves on the most important aspects needed to become successful in Options Trading

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