Photoshop CC : In an Easy Simple Professional Way Free Download


learn to edit images and create designs with Photoshop in a professional way.

What you’ll learn

  • Create your own designs
  • Edit your photos
  • Work with Photoshop CC 2018


  • Photoshop CC 2018


This Photoshop course starts with you from scratch until you become a professional starting from how to add and export files until creating a professional full designs and all of that is in just 2 hours.

The course is split to multiple phases each one with certain skills and techniques to learn.

In phase 1 or the basics phase you will learn to open new documents and how to extract them in multiple types and you will also learn about the software interface and how to work with it.

In the 2nd phase I will explain to you all the important tools in the tools bar which by you will learn to copy images and change backgrounds and hide anything you want from the image without leaving any trace and how to apply some great effects to the images.

In the 3rd phase you will learn to add brushes to the software and use them to create cool filters and add images to them.

In the 4th phase you will learn to change colors of objects inside images and to correct images and to balance colors and create professional filters and apply them to your images.

In the 5th phase you will learn to add fonts to the software and to write with them and to edit the text to use it in creating some great designs.

In the final phase which is the advanced phase you will learn to create full professional designs from scratch, create posters, manipulate images and create animated images and designs.

So to get all of this all you have to do is to subscribe.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn graphic design
  • Photographers that want to learn how to edit their photos in photoshop
  • Graphic designers who want to work as freelancers
  • People that want to learn Photoshop

Photoshop CC : In an Easy Simple Professional Way Free Download

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