PIC18 Microcontroller: Step By Step Guide


You will enter PIC18 Microcontroller world, Know the main differences between PIC16 and PIC18

What you’ll learn

  • Program PIC Microcontroller like a champ
  • Understand the principles of programming micro-controllers
  • Understand and use many types of sensors and components
  • Connect your PIC Microcontroller to LCD Screen and control it.


  • Download and Install MikroC Pro! We’ll cover this in First section


You will enter PIC18 Microcontroller world, Know the main differences between PIC16 and PIC18, when it is better to use PIC18, and what are the wiring and programming differences between PIC16 and PIC18

In this Course i will teach you how to program PIC 18F Microcontrollers using MikroC Pro compiler. But you should be familiar with the basics of PIC Programming using MikroC compiler. If you are a beginner to this field, please Check our Course: PIC Microcontroller Step By Step your complete guide .

There are a lot of advantages for PIC 18F microcontrollers compared to 16F. And we will discuss these advantages and why sometimes it’s better to go with a PIC18 instead of PIC16.

The PIC18F product family also has an 8-bit CPU and offers extended performance over the PIC16F device family. The PIC18F device family can operate at speeds up to 12 MIPS and has a hardware multiplier for faster calculation of control algorithms. There are variants in the PIC18F family with specialized motor control peripherals, including a 3-phase motor control PWM peripheral and a quadrature encoder interface (QEI). Other PIC18F variants have the ECCP module found on the PIC16F device family. Source code developed for the PIC16F device family can be easily migrated to the PIC18F family. Devices with the motor control PWM module are well suited for variable speed 3-phase motor applications, while devices with the ECCP module are useful for brush DC and stepper motor applications.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone with a curiosity for making electronics
  • People with no experience in electronics
  • People with an intermediate knowledge of electronics

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