[Pluralsight] Become a Full-stack .NET Developer Course Free Download


Learn to build a real mini social networking web app from A to Z with ASP.NET MVC

Course Description

Hello! Have you ever to learn a systematic approach to build applications, or maybe more you just want to strengthen your front-end and/or back-end development skills? My name is Mosh Hamedani, and welcome to the course “Become a Full-stack .NET Developer”, you’re going to you learn how to do just that. You’ll focus on ASP.NET MVC, Web API, Entity Framework Code First, Bootstrap3, HTML5, and CSS3, and learn about things like starting with a plain requirements document, breaking it down into tasks, and building the entire application end-to-end in an agile way.

What am I going to learn?

If you are wondering what you are going to learn or what are the things this course will teach you before free downloading Become A Full Stack .NET Developer From Scratch In 2019!, then here are some of things:

  • You’ll learn all the core skills that every full stack developer must know
  • You’ll build a real-world mini social networking application with ASP .NET MVC 5 and Entity Framework 6.
  • learn a systematic approach to build applications
  • Strengthen your front-end and/or back-end development skills

Full-stack Development Fundamentals, we’ll cover:

  • Extracting use cases from requirements document
  • Iteration planning
  • Building models using code-first workflow
  • Building forms with Bootstrap
  • Data validation
  • Preventing common web vulnerabilities
  • Creating beautiful and precise designs with CSS
  • Usability best practices
  • Extending ASP.NET Identity
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