Practical Deep Learning with PyTorch Free Download


Accelerate your deep learning with PyTorch covering all the fundamentals of deep learning with a python-first framework.

What you’ll learn

  • Effectively wield PyTorch, a Python-first framework, to build your deep learning projects
  • Master deep learning concepts and implement them in PyTorch


  • You need to know basic pythons such as lists, dictionaries, loops, functions, and classes


Growing Importance of Deep Learning

Deep learning underpins a lot of important and increasingly important applications today ranging from facial recognition, to self-driving cars, to medical diagnostics and more.  

Made for Anyone  

It is purposefully made for anyone without a strong background in mathematics. And for those with a strong background, it would accelerate your learning in understanding the different models in deep learning.  

Code As You Learn  

This entire course is delivered in a Python Notebook such that you can follow along the videos and replicate the results.

Mentor Availability  

When I first started learning, I wished I had a mentor to guide me through the basics till the advanced theories where you can publish research papers and/or implement very complicated projects. And this course provides you with free access to ask any question, no matter how basic. I will be there and try my very best to answer your question.

Latest Python Notebooks Compatible with PyTorch 0.4 and 1.0

There are very small changes from PyTorch 0.3 for this deep learning series where you will find it is extremely easy to transit over! 

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn deep learning
  • Deep learning researchers using other frameworks like TensorFlow, Keras, Torch, and Caffe
  • Any python programmer