PySpark & AWS: Master Big Data With PySpark and AWS


Learn how to use Spark, Pyspark AWS, Spark applications, Spark EcoSystem, Hadoop and Mastering PySpark.

What you’ll learn

  • ● The introduction and importance of Big Data.


  • ● An elementary understanding of programming.
  • ● A willingness to learn and practice.


Comprehensive Course Description:

The hottest buzzwords in the Big Data analytics industry are Python and Apache Spark. PySpark supports the collaboration of Python and Apache Spark. In this course, you’ll start right from the basics and proceed to the advanced levels of data analysis. From cleaning data to building features and implementing machine learning (ML) models, you’ll learn how to execute end-to-end workflows using PySpark.

Finally, you’ll have a taste of Spark with AWS cloud. You’ll see how we can leverage AWS storages, databases, computations, and how Spark can communicate with different AWS services and get its required data.

How Is This Course Different?

In this Learning by Doing course, every theoretical explanation is followed by practical implementation.

The course ‘PySpark & AWS: Master Big Data With PySpark and AWS’ is crafted to reflect the most in-demand workplace skills. This course will help you understand all the essential concepts and methodologies with regards to PySpark. The course is:

Who this course is for:

  • ● People who are beginners and know absolutely nothing about PySpark and AWS.

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