React & Django Full Stack: Advanced


React front-end web app and Django back-end API – advance modern concepts new

What you’ll learn

  • React framework
  • Django framework
  • Full stack app


  • Basic knowledge of Django
  • Basic knowledge of React


Welcome to this Full stack advance course. This course is mainly based on Django and React advanced features. We will build full applications including backend restful API and front-end web app.

In this tutorial, we will build a real-life application. This course it’s a process of building the app. It’s not gonna be one of those ‘todo lists’ or simple ‘full crud’ apps. We will start building that from scratch and we end up with a fully working full-stack app.

setting up Django and React, working with DB models and migrations, Django admin, fetching data from front-end, displaying formatted data, styling with material UI library, creating layouts, CSS variables, theming, react-router, links, and navigation with history, URL params, creating custom services, working with build-in React hooks as well writing few of our own, multiple serializers for one model, nested serializers, working with dates and time, formating and converting dates to and from UTC.

Who this course is for:

  • People who would like to extend their knowledge about Django and React frameworks

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