Refactoring UI – Complete Package Course


Make your ideas look amazing without relying on the designer. Learn how to create beautiful user interfaces on your own using a specific tactic explained from a developer’s perspective.

I was friends with Steve Shoger for many years, and together we worked on several side projects – he was engaged in user interface design, and I took care of the development.

Design with tactics, not talent .

Use fewer borders.

Working together, we knew that we could create something better.

Over the past few years, we have helped thousands of developers improve design with quick tips, in-depth articles, and video tutorials.

Refactoring UI combines everything we know about design and combines it into one comprehensive package, including a book, screencasts, a gallery of components, specially developed resources and much more.

What have we collected

This is not just a book – it is all you need to start creating the best designs today.

That’s what we got …


A beautiful PDF file containing 50 incredibly visual chapters spreads over 250 carefully typed pages.

This book contains literally everything we know about web design, broken into short, easy to read chapters.

We hate books that repeat the same ideas over and over to fill the page counter. This book is written in much the same way as our blog posts – each sentence is worthy of attention.

Video lessons

  • Designing an interface of complex shape
  • Create a data-oriented dashboard
  • Styling a text landing page

Component Gallery

  • Button Styles
  • Login Page Layouts
  • Marketing Page Sections
  • Card Layouts
  • Table styles
  • Navigation patterns
  • … and many many others.

Color palettes

Font Recommendations

Trying to choose the perfect font for your project is a nightmare.

If you ever felt uncomfortable trying to choose a font, this will save you a ton of time.

Custom Illustrated Icons

Complete package

  • 250-page PDF book
  • All three detailed video tutorials
  • Component Inspiration Gallery with over 200 component ideas and layouts
  • Font showcase, including over 30 recommendations for font categories
  • Exclusive Icon Library Including 200 Easily Customizable SVG Icons