Rich Glitch Masterclass – Motion Design School


We’re the lucky ones here today because the glitch is an incredibly cool and stylish tool. Basically, it’s just some randomly changing pixels with some logic behind it. And if you’re watching this video then you probably already know that. So in this Masterclass, I’m going to show you the main techniques that I use to create glitch elements in After Effects. I’ve been working with this style for a couple of years by now and here are some simple yet very effective techniques that I like.

The following 7 steps are the instruction for you to learn about this course:

Step 1:

Discover the Main Features

Explore the basic techniques and helpful tricks used for creating glitch elements.

Step 2:

Learn about 3D Tracking in After Effects

Learn to create object tracking in After Effects using 3D Camera Tracker, also learn to track object movements.

Step 3:

Knowledge about Object Tracking in Cinema 4D – a powerful tool for tracking

Lean to track Object using Cinema 4D.

Step 4:

Creat Elements 1

How to attach the object with the future graphics, discover helpful tips and tricks, start to make glitch elements for graphics.

Step 5:

Creat Elements 2

Progress and put elements in space, insert pretty glow to the scene, make the final touches and render.

Step 6:

Discover Breakdown 1. AR Controller

Learn to generate a video using AR Controller, tools that are used, and guidance from start to finish.

Step 7:

Discover Breakdown 2. Space Bank Card

Learn to make video with a Space Bank Card, tools that are used, and guidance from start to finish.