REST API with Ruby on Rails: The Complete Guide Free Download


Create complete REST API application using Ruby on Rails and Test Driven Development!

What you’ll learn

  • Create modern Ruby on Rails API applications with the best practices.
  • Create backend for a LinkLog application, similar to RubyFlow.
  • Be an expert with TDD (Test Driven Development)
  • Authenticate users using their logins and encrypted passwords!


  • You should have basic Ruby on Rails experience


Build an API application that you can use EVERYWHERE and hook up ANYTHING into it!

Check out!

  • SUPER productive videos with a total focus on what is important!
  • CODE SNIPPETS for each coding lesson!
  • Comprehensive resources and articles!
  • Learn Test Driven Development like a PRO
  • Get familiar with best Practices for API development!

In this course, you’ll know how to create professional API application in Ruby on Rails with TDD!

You probably heard about a popular trend to create web applications with a split API and frontend parts. Having a pure API application allows you to hook up ANY frontend you will ever wish. 

Knowledge about creating pure API applications is necessary for modern microservice architectures for REALLY BIG projects!

What Will You Build?

All of my courses are ‘learn-by-doing‘: I’ll create a real-life application and you can follow each step to make similar one for yourself.  In this course we’ll build one complete API application, that can work as a link-log, similar to RubyFlow project. We’ll do all this using Test Driven Development, the way the best developers in the world develop their applications every day.

This mega app will include the full set of features, including everything from authentication to managing comments.  You’ll learn how to create an app that allows multiple users to log in, publicize articles and list them as a newsfeed.  It’s my goal to ensure you understand each feature we build into this app so you can apply them to your own personal or professional projects in the future.

I can always help in case of any troubles so if you’ll encounter some, just write through one of our communication channels.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for any web developer that want to create modern web applications using API and frontend split apart.
  • It’s perfect for a junior Ruby developer who want to learn creating modern API applications.
  • It’s also a choice of intermediate developer that want to be even better.

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