Simpler Trading – Simple Tools for High Probability Trade Setups


Simpler Trading – Simple Tools for High Probability Trade Setups By TG Watkins Full Course Free Download Mega Link.

Simpler Trading – Simple Tools For High Probability Trade Setups Description

About TG Watkins

His long history of stock market trading inspired him to leave corporate life after a few years. He then went on to develop his proprietary Moxie Indicator and trading system. After years of trading and presenting educational seminars, he decided to help more people by joining the Simpler team.

What Will You Learn?

Who Uses This Strategy: TG Watkins

What:  TG’s number one trading tool is the Moxie Indicator, but to give multiple points of confirmation he incorporates 4 common indicators available to everyone. These ancillary but important tools, when all used together, can paint a very clear picture that allows TG to trade with the precision that helps set him apart. Not only do these simple indicators and rules allow him to find excellent entries, they also aid in letting him know when to cash in some profits along the way.

Asset Class/Markets:  The tools mentioned in this class can be used to trade stocks, options or futures.

Skill Level: This class and strategy has something to offer all traders, regardless of experience level.

Simpler Trading – Simple Tools for High Probability Trade Setups Download Link