[SkillShare] Android App Development Course With Pie Free Download


Welcome to Android Development: Android App Developer Course with Pie course.

About This Class

Android is the most used operating system on the planet. With millions of Android devices in use, and an incredible 500,000+ new Android devices activated daily, the popularity of Android applications is increasing exponentially – and with it, the demand for Android application developers is soaring.

If you’re interested in developing new and innovative applications for the world’s #1 mobile platform, this course is a perfect match for you.

This course is a mid-level Android application development course which means we will not be starting this course from scratch.
In this course, we will use  as the programming language.

This course will take help you to find a job as an Android Developer.  Android Development is a challenging form of programming. Keep in mind that the career of a programmer involves a lifetime of learning and that learning Android application development is just part of that lifelong journey.

In this Android course, you will learn

  • Sending Data Between Screens
  • Fragments
  • Fragment Operations
  • Architectural Room Database
  • SQLite Database
  • Room Database
  • Creating the Repository Component
  • Adding New Data to the Database
  • Deleting Data From Database
  • Updating Data in the Database and much more

Project Description

With the quiz game application and note taking application, which includes the topics you learned in the course, what you have learned will be clearer.

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