TeamTreeHouse – SQL Basics


Curate your SQL learning with this Treehouse Track. Courses in SQL basics, modifying data, reporting, querying relational databases, and more.


This 10-hour Track will teach you SQL, or structured query language—an important tool for business analysts, data analysts and data scientists.

SQL lets you search, sort, aggregate, and analyze data to create complex reports to help make important business decisions.

In this Track, we’ll introduce the basics of the SQL language, how to use it to read information, how to use it to create reports, how to use it for CRUD (create, read, update and delete) operations, and how to create complex queries that join information across multiple tables of data and databases with millions of pieces of information. You’ll also learn how to count records, average values, and perform mathematical operations on your data.

About this Course

In SQL Basics we’ll take a look at what databases are and how you can retrieve information from them. Databases act as the memory for dynamic websites or mobile apps.

What you’ll learn

  • Write a SELECT statement to query data from a relational database
  • Select specific columns
  • Searching tables using `WHERE`
  • Filter by comparing values