The Bible of Coding Interviews & Competitive Programming


Build the foundation in Algorithms and Data Structures to ace Coding Interviews and Competitive Programming.

What you’ll learn

  • Build a solid foundation to become a Competitive Programming wizard
  • Master revolutionary data structures and various types of problems using each of them
  • Learn fundamental algorithms and solve classical problems
  • Strengthen your problem solving and coding skill


  • Basic knowledge of C/C++ language
  • NO experience with Competitive Programming or Technical Interviews required!


This course is going to be your bible on solving each coding interview question and competitive programming challenge. The content is based on my 6 year experience of struggling to find and solve a wide range of problems and develop the system for mastering this skill. I cover the exact same content that has helped my students’ performance skyrocket and got them offers at top companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon and solid results in the International Competitive Programming Contests.

We start from basics such as Mathematics Fundamentals: Prime Numbers, Sieve of Eratosthenes, Fast Modular Exponentiation. Then we dive into interesting challenges and gold tricks on arrays and matrices, followed by Binary SearchRecursion and Divide and Conquer. We continue by exploring fundamental data structures such as StackQueueDequeHeap and Hash Table. Then, after building a solid foundation, we explore complex topics such as Greedy and Dynamic Programming, in which I reveal bulletproof formulas that guide you in solving every single problem of that specific type.

Here’s what make this course amazing:

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Computer Science Students wishing to get their dream job
  • Students wishing to perform well in Competitive Programming Contests

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