2021 Ultimate Transcription and Captioning Course


Become a Medical Transcriptionist on Upwork | Master Tools for Creating Video Captions and Subtitles

What you’ll learn

  • Unlike Other Courses, Here You’ll Also Discover How to Use Automated Transcription or Captioning Tools!
  • Learn about the Best Free/Paid Transcription and Captioning Tools to Use


  • You must know English


Get 2 Courses In 1 – Both Captioning and Transcription

My name is Nitay, an Instructor with one main wish!

Bringing your knowledge of captioning and transcription to a whole new level through a series of fun video lessons.

• Uncover Pro Methods From An Expert: Learn From An Experienced Transcriptionist And Freelancer For More Than 5 Years.

• Discover The Biggest Market For Freelancing Jobs: Learn How To Get Captioning And Transcription Jobs On Upwork, Exclusive Information You Won’t Find In Any Other Transcription Or Captioning Course.

• Time Is Money: Become An Expert Transcriptionist Within A Few Hours Of Content-filled Lessons, Instead of Wasting Precious time In Search Of Incomplete Information On The Web.

Topics You’ll Learn During the Transcription Course

• Basic Transcription Terms and the General Process of Transcription

• How to Use 2 Free / 2 Paid Transcription Editing Tools, 2 Automated Transcription Tools, and 1 Translation Tool

• How to Remove Background Noises

• Keyboard Shortcuts & English AutoCorrect Software

• With 5 Practice Activities to Sharpen Your Transcription Skills

• How to Work in Transcription Through Online Job Sites (Upwork Guide Included)

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who desires to save hours of valuable time and start working right away

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