TeamTreeHouse – UX: Research Process


Research is a crucial component of any UX job. This Track will equip you for the research aspect of user experience design.


User Experience Design, commonly called UX Design, encompasses all aspects of a user’s interaction with a company, its services, and its products. UX designers put themselves into the shoes of users to create solutions through empathy. Research is an integral part of doing that—and this Track will teach you how to conduct it.

The first part of the Research Process course is an overview of Design Thinking. You’ll establish a solid foundation in thinking like your user, which is the key to all UX work.

The next courses you’ll take are in Empathy Maps and Journey Maps, two essential tools in charting your user’s journey. You’ll also cover UX strategy basics and problem-solving.

After establishing foundations in design, mapping, and strategy, you’ll move on to our User Interviews and User Personas courses. These are skills that any UX Designer will need, and any employer will ask about. Most importantly, they’re things that will make any product better.

The next course covers Information Architecture—principles, evaluation, and application. Finally, you’ll learn about testing, studying, and evaluating your design with the user in mind.

Join us on this UX: Research Process Track and get knowledge and practice in one of the most important fields of UX Design!