Web Hacking: Become a Professional Web Pentester Free Download


Learn everything you need to execute web application security assessments as a professional ethical hacker.

What you’ll learn

  • Why hacking is fun
  • Understand web security problems and how to fix them
  • Find security vulnerabilities in web applications
  • Start working as a penetration tester for web applications
  • How traditional and modern web applications work
  • How the process of ethical hacking works
  • Get practical experience in exploiting web applications
  • How to do ethical hacking projects the right way
  • How professional penetration testing works


  • Students need to have IT background.
  • Virtual machines are used in the course, a user level understanding of VMWare or Virtualbox is needed.


This course contains everything to start working as a web pentester. You will learn about exploitation techniques, hacking tools, methodologies, and the whole process of security assessments. It is absolutely hands-on, you will do all the attacks in your own penetration testing environment using the provided applications. The targets are real open-source software. You will have to work hard but at the end you will be able to do web security assessments on your own as a real ethical hacker. 

My name is Geri and I am the instructor of this course about web application hacking. If you are interested in hacking and IT security, then this is the perfect place to start. You might be a developer, an IT administrator, or basically anybody with an IT background. With this training you will get everything you need to start working as a professional web penetration tester. 
But why would you want to become one? First of all because it is lot’s of fun. You can be in the position of an attacker trying to hack various system. Finding vulnerabilities exploiting them and taking over the system. You can find the true hacker in yourself. It is a very creative and exciting job.  

Also the security business is booming now. I get offers every day on LinkedIn, because there is a serious shortage of penetration testers. As companies figure out that they really have to care about security they face the problem that they cannot find people to do that. And it just keeps growing. And because of that you can earn pretty well even as a white hat ethical hacker, so there is no reason to go to the dark side. 

But why should you learn web hacking. Mostly because there is the biggest demand on the market. Wherever you go to work right now as a penetration tester, around 80 % of the projects are web hacking related. This usually because the awareness of web security was already established and because basically everything has a web interface from web application to embedded devices or IoT. Also because that is the fastest to learn. It is because web related technologies are usually text based and are easy to work with. So at the end of the day web pentesting is the fastest to learn and the most searched for so I think it is an obvious choice to start your carrier there. 

But who am I to teach that, you might ask. I work as a penetration tester in Germany. I am lucky to work with the extremely wide spectrum of technologies in my day job. 

I also talk on conferences, when I have the time (google my name).

And I have already made an online hacking course which has 20000+ students, and people seemed to like it. 

But most importantly I know how to become a penetration tester because I did it myself. I was a software quality engineer when I decided to change to pentesting. I did trainings read books to become one. But when I designed this ethical hacking course I tried to figure out what are the most important things you need, based on my own experience. I analysed what I needed the most to become a pentester and  also what we are looking for, when we hire somebody in our team. And I put these topics in this course. So if you learn everything in this ethical hacking course, then I would be glad to work with you, because I would know that I can trust you with doing a web assessment.  

So how is this course looks like. It is absolutely hands on. We are gonna hack real open source applications where you can try every technique and attack yourself. So you will have to get your hands dirty. I will show you everything first and then you can keep experimenting and testing yourself. 

Of course this course is the essentials. I don’t like the idea of people calling courses the “complete whatever”. In IT generally there is no such thing as complete. There are new systems and technologies born everyday. You will have to learn forever and your knowledge will never be complete. But that is good for two reasons: 

  1. It never gets boring, there will be always something interesting new thing to learn. 
  2. You will be never without job. If you keep up with the developments there will be always something new to do. And as long as there are new systems people will keep screwing up and building insecure stuff. And that’s what brings projects to us. 

So I hope I piqued you attention, to learn web application hacking and becoming an ethical hacker. But if you don’t believe me here is what my students say:

The instruction is hitting some key elements to test for web apps and in the process providing some useful tips when using Burp.” – Danny Rogers

I watched first time all video – and didn’t see 10% of the value LOL shame on me. But over now that am doing exercises i see how much and how powerful this course – thank you Geri!!” – ARturs Stays

Dude you are awesome. Teach me!!!! Teach me!!!!!” – Rubem

A very well developed and presented course.” – Steve Hinesly

 So join now and let’s get hacking.

Who this course is for:

  • Developers who want to secure their web applications.
  • People who want to become penetration tester.
  • Penetration testers who want extend their portfolio to web applications.
  • Anybody who work in IT or studies it and is interested in web hacking.

Web Hacking: Become a Professional Web Pentester Free Download

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