Web scraping – zero to pro! (scrape & display on a website)


Python & Beautiful Soup (back end) with Flask & Bootstrap. Re-create the 8 million covid site and more mini projects!

What you’ll learn
  • How to webscrape using Python, Beautiful Soup, lxml (backend) and Flask and Bootstrap/HTML (front end)
  • How to re-create the covid-tracker Avi Shiffman created (and was offered $8 million for!)
  • Scraping additional sites and displaying this data on a beautiful website
  • In just four amazing lessons, you’ll go from zero to pro – Full stack webscraping!
  • Basic python is recommended but not required. We take it slow and assume nothing!

In this amazing four part series you will go from absolute zero to setting up a flask server to run websites from (we’ll be using Bootstrap to display your beautiful web scrapings on!) and set up the back end with Flask, Beautiful Soup, lXML and requests to ready to start coding in Python for some web scraping. Most tutorials cover the back end but not displaying scraped data on a website. This is full stack, completely awesome and in four lessons you WILL want to share this series! During the series you learn the basics by scraping simple quote sites, Wikipedia and even re-create the essence of the $8 million covid-tracking website that was set up by seventeen year old Avi Shiffman. Lots to learn and everything is done in a truly engaging, student and beginner-friendly way. This is one course you won’t regret enrolling in! All the best and enjoy! Based on some feedback, I should note this is not an advanced, super complex series but something that will give you a perfectly solid foundational understanding and structure for the future. Do check out the advanced web scraping (follow-on from this series) which takes you through scraping dynamic data, displaying it on a chart and more…

Who this course is for:
  • Beginner Python developers, advanced developers looking to learn web scraping, students
Web scraping – zero to pro! (scrape & display on a website) Free Download
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