WordPress REST API Complete Beginners Guide Free Download


Use JavaScript and the WordPress REST API in Themes, Plugins & Decoupled Sites.

What you’ll learn

  • How HTTP and the WP REST API Works Under the Hood
  • The Core Endpoints and Schema for the WordPress REST API
  • How To Make HTTP Get Requests to the WordPress REST API
  • Backbone and Node Client-Side WordPress REST API Libraries
  • Build an Entire Decoupled Site Using JavaScript and the WordPress REST API
  • Use WP REST API in Themes and Plugins


  • Basic HTML – Know how to build a simple HTML page and work with HTML forms.
  • Basic CSS – Know how to responsively style HTML pages with CSS.
  • Basic JS – Know basic syntax, DOM and events.
  • Basics WordPress Development (Check Out My Other Course)


In this course you get an in-depth introduction to working with the WordPress REST API.

We start with going over how HTTP and REST APIs work and practice making demo requests.  Then, we explore various ways to make requests with JavaScript to the WordPress REST API, both from inside WordPress and outside of WordPress.

The course then goes in depth over all of the routes, schema and endpoints in the WordPress REST API along with demos and practice getting different types of data from the WordPress REST API, including posts, pages, media and more.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn API Driven WordPress Development
  • Anyone who wants to do Decoupled WordPress Development
  • Anyone looking to do JavaScript driven WordPress Development
  • WordPress Theme and Plugin Developers

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